Monday, July 27, 2015

Garage Doors That Pose Dangers

One functional part in your house is the garage. Some prefer an older style tilt-up garage door, while most homeowners today prefer a roll-up garage door. In the garage you place your car, your child's bicycles, and your repair tools. Around the house, a lot of accidents may happen. It is possible to burn your hand while cooking in the stove, break your leg while falling down the stairs, or accidentally knock your head under the dining table while reaching for that fork you dropped. There is danger everywhere, and your garage is not an exception. Do you have an automatic garage door? If its garage door opener is non-reversing, your family may be in trouble.
Hundreds of years ago, garage doors were made of wood. Then from the old barn door-style, garage doors developed into steel doors and doors made of synthetic materials for better insulation and durability. Basically, a garage door may weigh hundreds of pounds. True, it isn't a good idea if your child, or even you, get trapped under a garage door. So certain precautions are needed in order to ensure your family's safety.
If you have an automatic garage door that does not automatically reverse, you should replace it with a new opener that can do reverse. Reports received by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states that approximately 60 children between the ages of 2 and 14 have been trapped and killed under automatic garage doors since 1982. Other reports show that other children had severe injuries when the closing of garage doors almost crushed them. That is why non-reversing garage door openers should be replaced at once. Or, you may opt for a new residential garage door installation if you want a new door with a reverse garage door opener. Don't be satisfied with garage doors that only stop whenever it hits an object under it. You should be pining for the reversing one.
Check your garage door for signs of malfunction and failure. Replace parts that needed to be replaced. To do that, you have to make sure that your door is balanced. It should stay in place when stopped in any partially opened position. If your garage door is unbalanced, it may just crash whenever somebody is under it or not. Never allow your child to be near the area of the garage when a door check-up is going on. In many reported instances, even professional garage door technicians have suffered serious injuries like broken bones in the process of replacing garage door springs. The tension spring and torsion springs are hard to replace because of the great force imposed by the weight of the garage door. That is why it is very important not to do it on your own or by a family member who is not also qualified to change or replace garage door parts. So never ever think that you can do garage door repair by yourself.
You have to maintain your garage door more often than maintaining your car. If your garage door fails to function it may crash to floor then probably hurt someone under it, which is more likely to be your spouse or your child. Therefore, it is a wise precaution to have regular maintenance and repair for your garage doors.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Cre8tive Hardware

Cre8tive Hardware provides magnetic decorative hardware that is easy to install on any steel garage door. Quickly add to your carriage house designs for an even more authentic look!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

4 Tips to Select the Right Garage Door for Your Home and Budget

It may be the biggest feature of the front of your home. Even if it's tucked to the side, it's still big and very noticeable. When it's time to replace your garage door, you're not only making an investment in the security of your home; you can add a beautiful new look! Increasing the curb appeal of your home can even increase its value. Here are 4 things to consider.
Start with the material. Steel is the most popular material for garage doors. Steel is easy to maintain and can be insulated to be more energy efficient. Wood is another choice. You pay for a beautiful, natural look with increased maintenance. Wood doors need to be repainted or re-stained on a regular basis. Aluminum is the least expensive garage door in some instances and very expensive in others. It's light which makes it easy to open manually and good for large openings. Today's aluminum doors are sturdier than older aluminum doors and may have dent-resistant laminated panels. The least expensive aluminum doors may have panels made of other materials such as high-density polyethylene.
Match your home. Today's garage doors come in many different styles. You can find a door that looks like the opening to a walled Spanish mission for your territorial home. Go architectural and modern with the look of smoked glass panels in a sleek frame. If your home is All-American and you want a traditional panel garage think about spicing it up with extra features.
Color. If you can match the color of your trim, go for it. It will give you a tied together look. If you want to be bold, paint your front door the same color as your garage door. Don't go too bright - that garage door is big.
Windows. Don't underestimate what the addition of windows can do to add a stylish look to your garage. Try to match the shape or design of the windows in your home for a very chic, tied-together look. A hint. Have the windows frosted because (choose one)
  1. You don't want the neighbors to see your mess, or
  2. You don't want a thief to see all the valuables you have stored in your garage.
Have fun. Take your time. Some garage door manufacturers have apps on their websites that let you upload a photo of your home and try different styles so you can get a clear idea of what looks good with your home. When you're ready to buy, contact a locally-owned garage door company. They'll know the most about your climate and can help you make good decisions on materials and insulation.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Ups and Downs of Garage Exterior Wood Doors

Many view the garage as simply a place to park the car, store your stuff or hide out when your spouse is on the warpath. While all of these uses have merit, they merely scratch the surface of what is possible. Yes, the garage will store your car, but with the clever use of exterior wood doors and other design features, it's also the perfect vehicle for sprucing up your home's curb appeal.
By not tapping into that potential, you're ignoring a facet of your home that can have a major impact thanks to its size and location. But take heart, because it to doesn't have to be that way. It's just a matter of changing your perspective and seeing exterior wood doors in a whole new light.
Strike a Match
Would you prefer to mix or match? If you'd rather not commit on that, or you're a guy and thus incapable of committing, there's good news: You don't have to! By blending the two approaches with exterior wood doors, you can achieve much more than using either one on its own.
Where the home's fa├žade employs a light color like cream or beige with a darker toned roof, use that same dark shade for the garage's exterior wood doors and admire the results. As well, if your property's layout lends itself to this, you might try painting the garage and shutters in identical hues. The combination of mixing and matching will be striking and a real attention-getter as long as you commit to it. Yes, there's always a catch.
Arch Your Front
The most famous arches may be golden, but your house can be almost as noteworthy if you incorporate the brick variety with exterior wood doors. Garages that are otherwise unremarkable lose the "un" when you surround them with classic brick arches. Sure, these arches can't brag about "10 billion served", but they CAN give your home front a look that's one of a kind.
A High Pane Threshold
Maybe you're happy with the style and color of your garage door, yet you still feel it needs "something". That "thing" could take the form of glass panels inserted at the top of exterior wood doors. In addition to being inviting and unique, they treat your garage interior to some natural light without exposing it to prying eyes.
Make it a Double
Except where spouses are concerned, generally if one is good, two are better. Depending on your needs, double exterior wood doors for your garage may fit the bill. From a practical standpoint, it nicely accommodates two vehicles and extra storage, and it can also score high on aesthetics if you paint both doors to match the home's exterior.
Read Between the Lines
If you prefer a look for your garage that whispers rather than shouts, subtle paneling on exterior wood doors can speak volumes about your knack for design. Even on a traditional style home dressed in muted colors, this approach makes a statement, stressing class over brash and providing an added touch without overdoing it.
The garage may not be the star of the show in this instance, but it's part of a strong ensemble cast that's greater than the sum of its parts.
Regardless of the size and structure of your garage, there are numerous ways to enhance its appearance and the contribution it makes to your home's overall image. By simply changing the color, fashioning a classic accent or adding windows, you'll be amazed at the transformation.
Just keep one thing in mind: If you still plan to use it as a hideout, lose the windows.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Include Metal Garage Doors in Your New Home Design

If you are replacing an old garage door or selecting one for your new home you already know that you have a lot of choices in terms of door design and materials. There is a strong trend toward carriage house doors and natural wood materials. Many manufactures will help you design wooden garage doors that will accent your home with woods natural beauty. In terms of garage doors pricing they can be expensive with some exceeding $5000. Natural all wooden garage doors do require a higher degree of maintenance and are subject to warping. In general all wood doors do not have the strength of metal garage doors.
Probably a smarter option is to install a metal garage door that has an exterior layer of wood. The major benefit of this type of door comes from the fact that a garage door with panels framed with steel are stronger and more secure. In addition the new metal garage doors can be insulated to a higher R-value than an all wood door. However you will still have to spend more time maintaining the exterior wood surfaces just like you wood on all wooden garage doors.
One of the best garage door designs on the market includes a multi layer metal panel that includes two or more galvanized 25 gauge steel or stronger layers that sandwich 2 inches of polyurethane foam between them. When these panels are married together with a shiplap style joints you end up with a strong, quiet and very energy efficient garage door. These doors do not warp as a result of moisture and temperature and as a result have a higher level of operational reliability. Basically this means that your automatic garage door opener is not going wear out as quickly.
If you live in an area that is subject to high wind risk from tropical storms or hurricanes then a metal garage door can provide you with to protection necessary to keep your family and home safe from destruction. Metal high wind garage doors that meet the Miami-Dade wind code will provide you will as much as 150 mile per hour protection. Engineering studies conducted after severe hurricanes show that once you lose your garage door in a storm it is only a matter of minutes until you lose the roof of your home. A high wind code garage door may make the difference between losing your home and your life and survival. Installing this type of door will in many cases reduce your insurance costs as well.
A good quality steel garage door will have very little maintenance. You can purchase a garage door that has a finish that only needs to be occasionally washed off to keep it looking good. Doors with new composite exteriors are extremely tough and durable. No matter what kind of metal garage doors you decide to install they will outlast just about any wooden garage doors.
Spending time on the Internet will help you to the best garage doors for your home. A visit to the local home improvement store such as Home Depot will also provide a good deal of information. If you are handy with tools they can also help install a metal garage doors yourself. We feel that these metal doors are the best option available for the majority of new home

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Contemporary Style Garage Doors

Today, contemporary style garage doors are making a strong design statement all across the country. Although carriage style doors are all the rage again this year, they simply don't fit the design style of many modern homes. Sleek, contemporary architecture calls for a garage door that will complement the look, not detract from or clash with it. Beyond boosting curb appeal, sleek roll-up doors are finding their way inside the home also.
Modern Garage Doors for Modern Architecture
Made from aluminum, glass, and even wood, contemporary garage doors give a clean, uncluttered, and simple look. Designed with sharp, 90-degree angles and straight lines, this door style is sleek and sophisticated. The most popular styles feature an aluminum frame with frosted glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate insets. Aluminum frames are typically anodized in natural, bronze, or black; however, almost any color frame is available. Hardware is typically minimal to maintain the style's sleek lines. Besides these basic framed styles, modern roll-up doors are also popular in real wood. Although wood doors are more expensive than other options, some homes call for this style. Contemporary hardwood doors may have metal insets of copper, stainless steel, or painted aluminum, with wood species including cedar, cypress, teak and mahogany.
Bringing Contemporary Garage Doors Inside
Although businesses have used indoor roll-up doors for decades, this feature has only recently become popular in residential design. Where French or Arcadia doors were once the only way to merge indoors and outside, glass roll-up doors are now an architectural feature of choice. Create indoor-outdoor living space, frame in a courtyard, or use this technique to open up a loggia to the great outdoors. Inside the house, use a glass rolling door to separate living/dining and other areas without sacrificing light or visually shrinking the space the way a wall would. Because most homeowners don't want the unsightly motors of automatic door openers hanging inside the home, garage doors used inside must be carefully counterbalanced and properly maintained to ensure easy operation.
Cool Accessories for Contemporary Doors
Contemporary garage doors are already pretty cool, but some fun new accessories up the awesome factor even more. Door hardware includes clavos (nail heads), hinge kits, pulls, and shutter dogs in stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum. Although some of these touches may be too fussy for ultra-modern architecture, designers use them today in non-standard ways that add a high degree of visual interest. There are also several fun new mechanical accessories that fit the modern ethos of this door style. New remote control devices allow you to use wifi and your Smartphone to open and close garage doors from anywhere in the world and to alert you when the door is used. Improved access controllers use fingerprint and even retinal scan technology to protect the home from unwanted entry. Battery backup units, surge protectors and the ability to program openers to turn on house lights, temperature controls and music when you get home are quickly gaining in popularity.
Whatever your home's design style or architecture, there are new and exciting garage door design and accessories trends for you. If your home is modern in design, the industry has a multitude of contemporary style garage doors and accessories to choose from. Contact a professional garage door sales and service provider in your area for more information.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

How to Repair a Garage Door Opener

Electric garage doors are a great convenience -- until, of course, they break. The bad news: a dozen things could be to blame. The good news: many are easy to fix yourself.

Working with electricity is very dangerous — be extremely careful and, if you have any doubts, contact a professional.

Step 1: Check plug
See if the opener’s cord is plugged into a working outlet. Of course it’s a 'duh' — but it’s also the most common reason electric garage doors don’t open.

Step 2: See if lock is on
Now check the second most-common stupid reason that an electric garage door won’t open—the owner inadvertently activated the 'lock' feature. Many people aren’t even aware of this feature—consult your owner’s manual.

Step 3: Turn off and on
Try unplugging the garage door opener and then plugging it in again; this sometimes does the trick by resetting the sensors.

Step 4: Try new batteries
See if dead batteries in your remote control opener are the problem.

Step 5: Reprogram the remote
If the batteries are fine, the remote might have become deprogrammed. Consult your manual for instructions on resetting it.

Step 6: Check beam
Next, make sure the beam sensor is plugged in.

Step 7: Clean the sensor
Clean the sensor’s eyes—usually located in front of the on/off button—with a wet cloth. When these eyes get dusty, it can block the signal that turns on the motor.

Cleaning the sensor every season can reduce problems.

Step 8: Check the chain
Next, check to see if the chain is broken or loose. Unfortunately, if it needs to be tightened or replaced, you’ll need to contact an electrician.

Step 9: Open manually
If none of your quick fixes have worked, pull the red release cord to free the door so that it can be opened and closed manually.

Consult your owner’s manual — older systems may not have a red release cord. They can be opened by pulling down a handle or a spring-loaded clip, or by unbolting the arm between the door and opener.

Step 10: Get help
Operate your door by hand until you can have the unit fixed. Contact either an electrician or the service department of the store where you bought your unit.

Did You Know?
The overhead garage door was invented in 1921, and the first electric door opener was installed in 1926.

Friday, July 3, 2015

How to Lubricate a Garage Door

Lubricate the hinges, rollers, and tracks on your garage door every year to keep it opening and closing smoothly and quietly.

Do not oil roller tracks with nylon rollers.

Step 1: Apply oil
Apply two drops of penetrating oil onto the seams of the hinges. Squeeze the oil onto the top of the seams, so as it drips, it will lubricate the entire seam.

Before lubricating, wipe away grease buildup on all rollers and roller pins.

Step 2: Apply to roller mount
Apply 2 drops of oil into the seams of all roller mount brackets on the door.

Step 3: Apply oil
Apply 2 drops of oil onto the ends of each roller pin on the roller mount brackets.

Step 4: Apply oil to track
Apply 6 drops of oil onto the roller track, approximately 1 foot from the curve of the track.

Step 5: Open and close
Open and close the garage door with your garage door opener a few times to distribute the oil.

Did You Know?
The number of new homes built with a 3-car garage doubled from 1991 to 2005.