Monday, April 29, 2013

How To Measure

Please use the drawing and instructions below to measure your garage door.
Step #1
Measure door opening width and height in feet and inches. This determines the size of door needed. The rough opening should be the same size as the door.

Step #2
Measure for sideroom: 3 3/4" is required on each side for installation of the vertical track for standard torsion spring assembly.

Step #3
Measure area labeled "headroom" - distance between the top of the door opening ("jamb header") and the ceiling (or floor joist). 12" is required for standard torsion spring systems. If you have restricted head room, special hardware is available. Additional head room is required for installation of an automatic garage door opener.
NOTE: If door height extends above the opening, the head room measurement should be adjusted proportionately.

Step #4
Measure area labeled "backroom" - distance is measured from the garage door opening toward the back wall of the garage. Door height plus 18" is required. Additional back room may be required for installation of an automatic garage door opener.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

You may not think of it when you have a garage, but you need to make sure that your garage door is insulated. There are numerous benefits to this, and most people take it for granted. One of the benefits of having an insulated garage door is that if you have a garage that has a room above it, or a door to the interior of the house, it can prevent cold drafts from coming into the garage. Even if your door is sealed well against the elements, not having insulation in between the door panels can make the inside of the door quite cold, contributing to greater heat loss in the garage itself.
If you are a hobbyist, and have a shop of some kind inside your garage, or need to work on your vehicle, an insulated garage door can lower the need to have an extra heater inside the garage on cold Winter days. Sometimes the garage, even with the doors closed can be almost as chilly as the temperature outside, and if you are always wondering why your garage feels like a Popsicle, the answer could be that your garage door isn't insulated, or insulated with the right materials.
Even if you check and see that there is some Styrofoam granules inside the door, this isn't good insulation. While Styrofoam is all right at dampening sound, granules don't make a good insulator for your garage door. If this is the case, or there is nothing inside at all, then you need to get some Polyurethane foam instead. This attaches directly to the inside of the door panels, and has no gaps. In addition to being a better insulator, it fills up the space, making the doors stronger and more secure.
When you are checking to make sure you have an insulated garage door, you should also check the seals at the top and bottom of the door, as well as between the door panels. They shouldn't be hard and brittle, but nice and flexible, if you find they are hard and starting to crumble, then it is time to replace them as well. Now there are a few options when it comes to insulating your garage doors. You can buy DIY kits, and while this may be a cheaper option, unless you know what you are doing, and have the tools to do the job right, you should let a professional come in and do it for you. A professional is also a good idea, because after your door is insulated, this is going to add extra weight to the door itself, and the opener may need to be readjusted. Readjusting the springs is just too dangerous for an amateur.
While you may think it isn't worth the money, if you have an attached garage, or a room above it, and always wonder why your heating bill is always so high in the Winter time, now you know. Not having an insulated garage door is like leaving a window open all through the cold part of the year. If you want to keep your heating bill down, and be able to enjoy your garage space better, then you need to make sure that your garage doors are insulated.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wooden Garage Doors - 3 Innovations For Modern Day Homes

It is quite impossible to deny the elegance and beauty that wooden garage doors exude and efficiently adding value to your home. This is after all, one of the conventional choices in home improvement and continues to be a great option in modern day home concepts and ideas. Although there have been innumerable materials introduced in the manufacture of doors for your car garage, wood materials remain the item for quality, best value and aesthetic beauty.
If you are searching for the best ways to improve the quality and worth of your property, given the overflowing real estate industry in a global scale, then finding the best garage doors is definitely leading you to the right track. It is quite a trend that modern home designers and experts promote the importance of becoming practical in your property investment.
This involves maximizing the different spaces and venues in your house in order to get the most out of your property venture. Hence, gone are the days when basements and garage are considered dull and underrated areas in the house. The time has evolved and witnessed how these once unfrequented places have been converted into quality and livable havens other than just a sleeping corner for your precious cars. This is exactly why you need innovative wooden doors to give your home improvement project an explicit finish.
Contemporary home owners and designers are given the luxury to choose between three extraordinary types of doors for your garage which would definitely cater to different preferences, taste and function. Each type is made of different wooden materials, softwood and hardwood, to match the current features of your property.
1. Sectional Type. Modern industry for this type has created a roll away design in its mechanism system in order to maximize the space which is not quite guaranteed with swing out counterparts. These wooden garage doors are equipped with sealing properties for all weather to ensure long-term quality use and investment.
2. Up and Over Type. This type is perfect if you are in the lookout for optimum security for your car and your entire property with its optional multiple locking systems. It has traditional style either in retractable or canopy designs to match the architectural buildup of your house. Those who want highly stylish and modern doors for your garage will definitely love the many color variations with this type especially matched with the typical garage lights and points of contrast.
3. Side Hinged Type. This type is perfectly suitable for garage styles which have no or little headroom or those with optional side room which is intended for gear fixing. It is also a great choice for maximum security with its highly engineered locking system. Wooden garage doors in this category are likewise available in wide array of color, sizes and style.
Garage doors made with wood materials are indeed sure-fire ways of enhancing the aesthetic value and worth of your home with its versatile and unique properties. This home improvement project is truly a long-term investment you ought not to forego.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Smart Home Gadgets for Your Garage - LiftMaster MyQ

A LiftMaster MyQ-enabled garage door opener was recently highlighted on a segment of the CBS New York - WLNY morning program, The Couch, called "Smarter Products for an Easier Life."

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Garage Door Summer Maintenance

May has just arrived which means summer is about to sneak up on us. And with the summer months comes summer maintenance on your home. There are important summer maintenance tasks to be done on garage doors that can be done without the aid of a professional. Heat and humidity can make a garage extremely uncomfortable and could be dangerous if combustible supplies are stored in a garage. Ventilation is a must to relieve the garage from summer heat.
The best way to increase the ventilation of a garage is to put an exhaust fan in the garage. One fan option is a freestanding exhaust fan. These fans must be positioned to send airflow out a door or window. Shutter fans are a good option for removing condensation from a garage and they run constantly to pull out moisture. The last option for exhaust fans are wall or ceiling mounted fans. These fans may require professional installation because the wall or ceiling where the fan will be mounted must be removed, insulation and all. Garage exhaust fans are the most effective if positioned opposite the door.
Another way to control the temperature inside a garage is with door insulation. Garage door insulation can help regulate temperatures of the garage in the summer and also during the winter. This will keep the environment of the garage comfortable and safe for combustible supplies like spray paint. Garage door insulation is available as injected foam insulation's or polystyrene panels. Weather stripping the gap at the bottom of the garage door also helps further insulate the garage. Not only will insulation make a garage feel more comfortable, but it could also help reduce energy costs.
In addition to providing proper ventilation, washing and painting the garage door is ideal maintenance for the summer months. During the fall and winter, dirt, grime, snow, and salt build up on the door and could lead to rusting if ignored. Steel and aluminum doors can be washed rather easily with mild household detergents. Any garage windows should also be cleaned with a mild dishwashing solution. If rusting has already occurred, sand the rust off and repaint the area with a zinc-rich primer and exterior latex paint. Summer time is also a good opportunity to add a coat of paint to the garage door. Steel doors should be painted with 100% acrylic latex exterior paint, no oil based paint. Be sure to clean the door first so that it is free of dirt, oil, or mildew.
With these simple tips, the environment in the garage can become much improved and more comfortable for summer projects. Proper summer maintenance can also keep stored items protected from extreme temperature changes and lower energy costs. Taking these maintenance steps will help extend the life of your garage door and provide a comfortable area to work on other important household projects.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why You Should Maintain Your Garage Door

A garage door is one of the most vital components of your home in many ways. Not only does it provide one of the most visible components of your property, being one of the forward-facing aspects of your house, but it also serves as an entryway into your household and a means to express the individuality of your property. As such, the garage door should be treated as importantly as your front door or lawn, and maintained similarly. Given the fact that the garage door is also the most prominent entryway into your home, a lot of care should also be taken to ensure that it functions properly and both lets people into your home as well as keeping unwanted intruders out.
Every installation has a couple of universal methods to keep it in good working order. Garage doors have hinges and rollers which require lubrication every so often to keep movement smooth between the parts, and this lubricant can be purchased from your local hardware stores at inexpensive prices. Additionally, basic preventative maintenance would involve checking the bolts and screws to ensure they are tight and that the balance of the door is not off. An improperly-balanced door will cause stress on the parts and necessitate repair that much faster. These steps do require a bit of knowledge, though, so be sure to call a professional garage door repair technician if you're not completely sure of what to do.
Another point to keep in mind is if your door is made out of good, keeping it properly painted and waterproofed is important as well. Over time, sunlight and rain will cause cracks and damage to the wood which will result not only in an unsightly appearance but reduce the structural integrity of the door, making it possible for it to get damaged or even for people to break in. This isn't as applicable with metal doors, but depending on the moisture and humidity in your region, rust can be a possible issue to keep on top of.
The main failing point of a installation, however, are the springs. Springs are high-tension and have a limited lifespan by design, and as such require replacement when they are on their last legs. Typical garage door springs last 10,000 cycles while extended lifespan springs can go up to 100,000. Of course, the specific lifespan depends on a number of factors, such as how often you use the door, how long the spring's been around before you moved in, and so on. If you know a spring is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may be best to replace it to avoid the risk of being locked in your home.
Unlike lubricating the tracks and rollers, spring inspection and replacement is fairly dangerous for the inexperienced or untrained consumer. Springs are tightly wound up and are under a considerable amount of pressure, making them dangerous to work with without proper equipment or training as they can cause physical injury if not handled correctly. Unless you are properly educated in garage door spring maintenance, it's best to consult with your local repair technician instead to handle all tune-ups and maintenance work.
So what happens when maintenance is not performed? To start, your door probably won't open if a critical component, such as the springs or the opener, malfunction or break. Depending on your household's vehicle arrangement, this can leave you stranded inside your home and unable to drive anywhere you need to. In more severe situations, the track or roller may end up bending or breaking, potentially causing damage to whatever is underneath them or causing structural damage to the garage. These sort of situations can get expensive to repair quickly, even if addressed early on.
Hiring a garage door technician to perform regular maintenance on your installation is the best way to prevent a lot of the common mishaps that lead to huge inconveniences such as this. Most garage doors only need to be serviced once every 6-12 months, so a small bit of time and money spent can go a long way to preventing potentially crippling damage to your home.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Garage Door Style Can Add Value to Your Home

If you are like many homeowners on the hunt for a new garage door, then you are probably curious about the way it will look on your house. You've more than likely driven yourself bonkers trying to figure out which door model, color and materials fits best within your while still getting that appealing look.
As you begin your quest for a new garage door, you may be trying to choose one that looks great in a brochure. But what you should really be looking for is a new door that looks stunning on YOUR HOME!
Garage Door Style Can Add Value To Your Home
Your garage door covers approximately 30% of the front of your dwelling and is visible to all on-lookers on foot and by car. Studies have shown that a well chosen, aesthetically pleasing garage door can actually bump up the curb appeal, price and value of your home anywhere from 1-5%. That means that the right door can make your home more attractive to buyers and even more profitable to you! In the current housing market slump, anything you can do to help differentiate your home and make it more appealing than another is a smart investment.
Investing in a new garage door is not cheap. Installation of a new door will start in the low $500's, for a cheap looking steel pan door, to a few thousand for a custom built wood door. Before moving forward with a fairly large investment on a new door make sure you are going to be happy with the outcome by choosing a door that looks like a million bucks on YOUR home.
Ask your garage door installer if they have a way to show you a picture of what the door you decide on will look like on your house. Today, operations are equipping their technicians with the technology to make those inner-visions a reality before you commit to placing the order. Sales representatives can come to your house with a laptop and digital camera. They take a photo of your house, then feed the images into their laptop. After a few minutes running through their system they can show you exactly what your home will look like with a new door on it. Give it a try!
Remember, what you want is a beautiful looking exterior that not only you enjoy while living in your home, but that others will enjoy when considering to buy your home. Ultimately, what you want is something that is both affordable and looks appealing.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Clopay Garage Doors

There are great benefits to be had by owning your very own Clopay garage doors. Firstly, Clopay is one of America's leading garage door manufacturers. This company offers a number of doors that are suitable for you residential and commercial needs. These play an integral part of your home's beauty and they are extremely reliable and durable too. If you are unsure of what style or design you would like, Clopay offers a wide variety of styled in wood or steel or a steel garage door with a fully insulated traditional raised panel, just perfect for you.
If you are a finicky person with it comes to your home decor, you don't need to worry as Clopay garage doors are available in hundreds of styles, types and configurations. Therefore, you will have a wide array of doors to select from. The classic style will compliment the appearance of your home style, as these garage doors are built with a line of steel raised and flush panels that can be custom designed for your home. Of this particular style, the Home Depot offers about three series of these doors namely, the classic line premium series fully insulated, classic line value plus series semi-insulated and the classic line value series non-insulated.
The other major style is the carriage house style, which can enhance your home's curb appeal, as these garage doors will give your house an ancient look of that bygone age. These doors come in three different portfolio lines namely, portfolio line reserve collection with a wood carriage house design, portfolio line coachman collection with a steel carriage house design and a portfolio line gallery collection with a stamped steel carriage house design.
In addition to bringing beauty to your home, after choosing your doors they should serve in reducing the noise level. This is because the insulation that helps to keep the cold and heat from entering into your garage, should act so as to reduce the amount of external noise that is transmitted through the floor when opening and closing. Therefore, the higher R-values will naturally yield less noise in your ears. Additionally, the higher R-value will indicate the efficiency of your insulator. Moreover, this improved efficiency will result in less electricity being used and lower utility costs.
Another benefit is that it will provide you superb durability against scratching and denting. Therefore, your doors will maintain a beautiful look for a very long time being that it has a greater resistance to denting and scratching. In general, most garage doors will come under serious bumps and collision attacks. For example, children playing in the driveway, there is a basketball backboard on your garage, or you pack bicycles and other objects in your garage. With Clopay garage doors, you won't have to worry about dents or scratches.

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