Friday, October 5, 2012

Porvene Model 600 Roll-Up Commercial Door

Rolling Steel Insulated
AVALAIBLE IN - 22/24 standard or 20/24 optional GAUGE
Insulated Slat Curtain: Environmentally Safe Polyisocyannurate insulating material housed between a 22 gauge front slat and a 24 gauge back slat.
Guides: Structual steel wall angle with vinyl jamb weatherseal.
Bottom Bar: Two 2” x 2” x 1/8” structural steel angles form a rugged bottom bar assembly. A vinyl bulb astragal helps to conform to floor irregularities and helps guard against weather, dirt, insects and rodents.
Pipe Barrel: Continuous minimum 6” diameter pipe to support door curtain with no more than .03” of deflection per foot of width.
Door Stops: Removable stops located on inside and outside of the guides for added safety.
●Hood: 24 Gauge galvanized steel with a baked enamel prime finish hood including an 8” baffle to help seal out the elements.
Chain Hoist: Heavy duty #50 roller chain and sprockets combined with a smooth hand-chain provides for safe and efficient operation. Removal of chain hoist makes door Electric Operation ready without further modification or cost.
Standard Color: Mohegan White
Insulation: Environmentally safe POLYISOCYANNURATE insulation with reinforcing Aluminum facers adhered to the effective thermal barrier.
U – Factor = 0.185 / R – Factor = 5.4
Meets ASTM –E-84 Smoke developed (55-215)
Sound Transmission Coefficient STC-23
Standard Color Mohegan White
Powder Coating Available in over 200 Colors


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