Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Swing Up Post Demonstration by C.H.I.

C.H.I. has taken the old swing up post to the next level. Precision engineering, architectural quality appearance, durable construction, and ease of operation make the C.H.I. Swing Up Center Post THE product of choice for large overhead door openings. Visit our website at www.chiohd.com.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Installing Exterior Hardware to your Garage Door

By adding exterior hardware to your garage door, you can drastically improve the looks of your home.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Traditional Steel Garage Doors

Learn more about Amarr Residential Traditional Steel garage doors. Available from a Ramirez Custom Overhead Door.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Clopay Coachman before and after

Nice example of the curb appeal impact that Clopay Coachman collection doors have on a property.

Professionally installed by Marathon Door and Glass

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Introducing the Next Generation of LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

The best garage door opener just got better. Introducing the new LiftMaster® Elite™ Series 8550 and Premium Series 8360 garage door openers that offer many innovative and unique features.

Take security and convenience to a new level with reliable integrated Battery Backup that guarantees access in and out of your garage, even when the power is out.

Built-in revolutionary MyQ™ technology has the ability to communicate, manage and activate other MyQ enabled devices within the home.

Exclusive Security+2.0™ technology communicated with garage door openers in different frequencies virtually eliminating interference, and guarding against code theft.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Light Up Your Garage Door

Watch this proud homeowner put the spotlight on the favorite part of his home: the garage door!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beautiful Overhead Doors by C.H.I.

CHI Overhead Doors is the leading manufacturer of residential, commercial, and rolling steel garage doors. Patti McCombs discusses the benefits of owning a CHI garage door.

Monday, October 8, 2012

LiftMaster 3265 Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Many garage door openers sold today are chain driven, and LiftMaster offers the widest variety of chain drive garage door openers available on the market. They are durable, reliable, and offer lasting performance.
Model 3265 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
With its rugged reliability and exceptional all-around performance, the 3265 1/2 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is the perfect choice if you want enhanced style, reliability, and the performance attributes of our best-selling drive system ever. The 1/2 HP motor is combined with the industrial-duty chain drive to provide steady performance and lifting power.

  • The Smart Garage Door Opener lets you electronically program security codes from the Multi-Function Control Panel or powerhead
  • Delivers 200 watts of light with adjustable light time delay
  • Meets all UL325 requirements
  • The Protector System safety sensors project an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and automatically reverse the door if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down
  • Sensing technology will stop the door from closing if contact is made with a person or object
  • Opener lights turns on automatically when The Protector System's infrared beam is broken
  • Security+ rolling code technology assures a new code is sent every time the remote control is used
  • Patented PosiLock system ensures the door remains securely locked when the garage door is closed
  • Manual release handle in case of power failure
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • 1-year parts warranty

Friday, October 5, 2012

Porvene Model 600 Roll-Up Commercial Door

Rolling Steel Insulated
AVALAIBLE IN - 22/24 standard or 20/24 optional GAUGE
Insulated Slat Curtain: Environmentally Safe Polyisocyannurate insulating material housed between a 22 gauge front slat and a 24 gauge back slat.
Guides: Structual steel wall angle with vinyl jamb weatherseal.
Bottom Bar: Two 2” x 2” x 1/8” structural steel angles form a rugged bottom bar assembly. A vinyl bulb astragal helps to conform to floor irregularities and helps guard against weather, dirt, insects and rodents.
Pipe Barrel: Continuous minimum 6” diameter pipe to support door curtain with no more than .03” of deflection per foot of width.
Door Stops: Removable stops located on inside and outside of the guides for added safety.
●Hood: 24 Gauge galvanized steel with a baked enamel prime finish hood including an 8” baffle to help seal out the elements.
Chain Hoist: Heavy duty #50 roller chain and sprockets combined with a smooth hand-chain provides for safe and efficient operation. Removal of chain hoist makes door Electric Operation ready without further modification or cost.
Standard Color: Mohegan White
Insulation: Environmentally safe POLYISOCYANNURATE insulation with reinforcing Aluminum facers adhered to the effective thermal barrier.
U – Factor = 0.185 / R – Factor = 5.4
Meets ASTM –E-84 Smoke developed (55-215)
Sound Transmission Coefficient STC-23
Standard Color Mohegan White
Powder Coating Available in over 200 Colors

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Great Event In Downtown Vacaville: The Vacaville Kid Fest. Sat Oct 6th, Andrews Park

Vacaville Kid Fest was started in 1999, when an idea was born to create a "Children's Festival", a place where families could come and have a day of activities with their children at very little or no cost, and also have the opportunity to learn about many of the services and resources that were available to children and families. We adopted the theme "For the Child in all of us".

A group of City of Vacaville representatives, ranging from business owners and managers, nonprofit groups and media people were approached with the idea and met it with enthusiasm. And thus, Kid Fest was born.

The first Kid Fest Core Committee consisted of Shauna Manina, Meaghan O'Neill from Vacaville Police Dept., Linnea Dischinger from Vacaville Fire Dept., Todd Grames and Suzanne Green from Community Services Dept., and Reggie Hubbard from Housing & Redevelopment Dept. Other business people from The Reporter, Downtown Vacaville Business Improvement District, and others all committed to the vision of a day of low cost or no cost activities, free resources, and fun.

Our first event in 1999 had 1 stage and 40 booths, with everything from food, crafters and merchandise vendors, a wide range of social service and community nonprofit groups, free children's games and entertainment, bounce houses, and a very strong focus on child safety and health. From the beginning, a large component of the event has been the presence of Vacaville Fire and Police Depts., with their equipment displays, children's fire muster, and safety information.

By 2001, there were 2 stages of entertainment and over 120 booths participating in the event. The committee members have changed over the years, but the event has continued, and become part of the fabric of what makes Vacaville a family oriented community. The focus remains on child and family safety and health.

See more about this wonderful organization at www.VacavilleKidFest.org

See you there!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some Questions About Steel Garage Doors Answered

Q: What should I use to clean my door?

A: Any product with tri-sodium-phosphate (TSP), such as SoilaxTM or diluted Spic-n-Span. In areas where there are TSP restrictions, use a mild household cleaner. All products should first be tested on a small interior surface to ensure color fastness.

Q: What do you recommend for painting of my steel garage door?

A: Steel doors should be painted with a high quality exterior latex (water base) paint. The surface must be cleaned prior to application of paint to the steel (on new doors it just needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth and doors which have been installed for awhile should be cleaned with a tri-sodium-phosphate (T.S.P.) based product [such as SoilaxTM or diluted Spic-n-Span] or a mild household cleaner). Doors do not require a coat of primer unless the finish has been damaged down to the silver galvanizing.

Q: Does my steel garage door require maintenance?

A: Clopay recommends the following maintenance be performed on an annual basis (please refer to the installation manual for a detailed description of the maintenance requirements):
• Clean door surface with a mild household detergent and rinse with clear water (best if done twice a year)
• Lubricate all moving parts of the door with light household oil (e.g. WD 40)
• Check for bent or loose hinges
• Check rollers for broken wheels, bent shafts or worn out bearings
• Check the door and track supports for loose or missing bolts, screws, etc. and tighten.
• Check the extension spring lift cables for proper operation (are they running properly in the pulleys, is the cable rubbing at the bottom bracket button location?)
• Check for bent track

Important: Do not attempt to make repairs on your garage door without proper instructions or the assistance of a qualified professional door technician. Do not attempt to do any repairs on a standard torsion spring assembly (which requires the use of winding bars for installation or adjustment).