Monday, February 22, 2021

How Can I Add Curb Appeal to My Garage?

Some garages can look pretty boring from the street. Dave Tibbetts offers solid ideas on how to make your garage more attractive, gain curb appeal and a higher value at resale.

Friday, February 19, 2021

How to Choose a Garage Door

Shari show you how to select the type and style of garage door to fit your homes exterior. Matt will teach you how to paint an older garage door.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Replacing Garage Door is a Top ROI Project in the Home

Is there a home improvement project you’ve always dreamed about undertaking? Have you ever wondered if that project would earn your money back?

Every year Remodeling magazine releases a study known as the “Cost vs. Value Report” that highlights home improvement projects with the most return on investment (ROI). For three consecutive years, “replacing a home’s garage door” has been listed among the two best projects a homeowner can undertake to recoup investment upon selling the home.

According to the 2020 study, a homeowner will recoup 94.5% of the value of replacing a garage door. This home improvement project was ranked behind only a Manufactured Stone Veneer, which recoups 95.6% of value. In the previous two years, the garage door replacement was listed as the top ROI home improvement project. Consequently, one thing is certain: the garage door is a project worth investing in.

The difference of a door

Ultimately, a door influences your home’s design. When you install a new garage door for an attached garage, it enhances the aesthetic of your entire home. Think of it as a home facelift; if the appearance of the front of your home improves, it will attract more buyers.

Years ago, garage doors were often perceived to be generic, interchangeable or even “monolithic.” Today, though, there are an array styles to choose from, and design is an important consideration. For example, in recent years, carriage style garage doors have become an elegant, popular choice. These doors convey a sense of charm or rusticity that has become popular with homebuyers.

Are there brains behind the beauty?

A new garage door is a sight to behold. But is there a way to make your garage intelligent and innovative enough to the meet the needs of your daily life?

Just as garage doors have evolved over the years, LiftMaster® garage door openers have advanced to make your garage smarter, offering you conveniences and capabilities you might not have imagined.

Powered by myQ® technology, a LiftMaster garage door opener enables you to control, secure and monitor your garage from your smartphone through the myQ app. With the myQ app, you can benefit from on-the-go management of daily activities, like never having to wonder if the garage door was left open, receiving real-time alerts when children arrive home from school, remotely letting in the dog walker or service person and using In-Garage Delivery to keep your packages safe and secure. Plus, introducing a myQ smart garage to your home opens up the ability to scale the number of home entry points you have control and insight over when you add myQ Smart Cameras and Locks. myQ also works with a variety of smart home products such as Google Assistant,, Vivint and Xfinity Home, so you can control and automate multiple smart home devices from one platform. It’s clear that giving smart capabilities to your home’s main access point is, well, smart.

So, if you are looking for a project that will increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value—and offer extra convenience and insight—consider replacing your garage door and garage door opener.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Hurricane Wind Load Test of Custom Wood Garage Door

Carriage House Garage Doors are a blend of style and engineering that give peace of mind when it's needed the most. Our hurricane-rated garage doors were put through rigorous cyclical pressure testing that simulates the pressurization that can occur inside and outside of a house during a hurricane. 

Carriage House Door wooden garage doors meet or exceed High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) codes and are Florida Building Code Approved and Certified (FL 27482).

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

5 Reasons You Should Buy a New Garage Door Opener

According to a recent study, over three out of four homeowners (76%) in the United States have carried out at least one home improvement project in 2020. If you are looking for a simple home improvement project that adds a modern touch and convenience to your home, your garage is a great place to start. A new opener is an easy fix for a garage in need of some TLC. Today’s new models offer conveniences and capabilities that you probably don’t know about. Here are 5 reasons why buying a new garage door opener makes sense.

1. They Are Quieter:

If your old garage door opener sounds like a freight train coming through your attached living spaces, you’ll be amazed at just how quiet a new opener can be. While any new opener is going to be quieter than the one it replaces, belt drive openers with DC motors like the LiftMaster WLED and wall-mount openers like the LiftMaster 8500W are especially silent and operate with a quiet hum that won’t disturb family members in adjacent living spaces.

2. They Are Smarter:

No smart home is complete without a smart garage. Today’s LiftMaster garage door openers work seamlessly with the myQ app so you can monitor and control your garage door from anywhere. Some models, like the LiftMaster Secure View, have a built-in camera, adding live streaming video, recorded events, and 2-way communication to the myQ app. A smart garage door opener provides homeowners with the peace of mind that their family, possessions, and even Key by Amazon In-Garage Deliveries are secure. And they are compatible with many of today’s smart home platforms.

3. They Are Brighter:

If you are trying to make the most of the extra space in your garage, dim lighting isn’t an option. Try a new garage door opener with built-in LED lighting which illuminates the whole garage brightly and evenly, from corner to corner. It’s perfect for people who keep their workbench in the garage, use the space for working out and other activities, or just want some extra lighting!

4. They Are Safer

If your garage door opener was manufactured before 1993 – you probably don’t have the latest safety features. Photo eyes, or safety reversing sensors, are mandatory in all new garage door openers sold in the U.S., and they prevent injury by reversing the door’s downward travel when something or someone breaks the invisible beam. If you don’t have photo eyes, you simply don’t have the safest garage door opener available.

5. They Free Up Extra Space

While most openers traditionally hang from the ceiling, some like the LiftMaster 8500W are mounted beside the garage door. Wall-mount openers free up ceiling space for extra storage and help you attain that clutter-free garage of your dreams. Because they’re not mounted to the ceiling, people in living spaces above the garage won’t feel the vibration of an operating garage door opener making them another great option for those seeking some peace-and-quiet.

Sunday, February 7, 2021


Any real estate professional will tell you curb appeal is important. If prospective buyers don't like what they see from the street, they won't waste time going inside.

A new garage door is an easy upgrade that can boost a home's curb appeal and asking price, without breaking the bank, and these numbers prove it.

Garage door replacement claimed the top spot in REMODELING magazine's Cost vs. Value Report*, which ranks home improvement projects by their return on investment (ROI) at resale.

Now in its 31st year, the annual Cost vs. Value Report compares costs for 20 of the most popular professional mid-range and upscale remodeling projects in 100 U.S. markets to how much real estate professionals believe the investment will improve a home's resale value.

The 2018 report says the approximate $3,470 cost for an upscale garage door replacement delivered an estimated $3,411 when the house sold. That's a 98.3 percent ROI on average, nationwide.

In 46 of the 100 individual markets, an upscale garage door replacement actually recoups more than 100 percent of its cost.

In January, residential garage door manufacturer Clopay partnered with an independent research firm to conduct its own nationwide survey** to gauge realtor perceptions about the garage door category, and to determine if garage door appearance made a difference in the listing price they would assign to a house. Here's what they said:

· 70% of Realtors agree that a new garage door helps sell a home faster
· Over 80% of Realtors believe a new garage door can impact home value

Clopay showed realtors before and after images of different homes featuring a variety of garage door styles ranging in price from inexpensive to high-end. Respondents were asked to assign a selling price to each of the houses and were alerted that the only difference in the photos of each house was the garage door.

Realtors estimate that upgrading a garage door can increase the perceived selling price of a home by up to 4%, depending on the style.

With the average U.S. home price estimated at $206,300 in 2017, this can mean an incremental increase of $8,000 to $14,000, just because of the garage door.


For most buyers, a new garage door is typically a once in a lifetime purchase. Whether you are sprucing up your exterior to sell or just giving it cosmetic update, a new garage door that improves your home's curb appeal is a good investment.

While it's easy to just swap out the old garage door with a newer version of the same design, do your research to see all of the garage door styles and materials available.

Some of the exciting innovations include faux wood doors that require less upkeep, contemporary garage doors with mid-century modern appeal, and glass garage doors that make your garage feel like additional living space.

*© 2018 Hanley Wood, LLC. Complete data from the Remodeling 2018 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at

**From a nationwide survey of Realtors’ estimates of perceived home value based on exterior appearance. Not based on actual home sales. Clopay's Realtor Home Value Study was commissioned by Clopay Building Products in 2018. An online survey was conducted by Hitchcock Fleming + Associates and Qualtrics, an independent marketing and advertising agency, and internet-based research company, respectively.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Chamberlain Smart Access – Secure View™ Smart Garage Opener

Introducing the first opener with a built-in wide-angle HD camera that works with the myQ® App so you can see and control your garage from anywhere. Simplified, secure access provides peace of mind and empowers people to move seamlessly throughout their days.